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Wednesday, September 22, 2021


(Uje Brandelius as Uje; Therese Hörnqvist as Therese; Bixi Brandelius as Bixi and Vega Brandelius as Vega. Photo: Johan Paulin. Copyright
© 2020 FilmLance International AB)


Run, Uje, Run (Sweden 2020, 75 Minutes) (Subtitled)

Director: Henrik Schyffert (His directorial debut)

Screenplay and Songs: Uje Brandelius

(Run, Uje, Run will feature on the programme of the European Film Festival which runs from October 14 to 24, 2021.)


All give excellent performances, along with the supporting cast, making this drama eminently watchable. (Review by Barry Meehan)

Uje Brandelius (b. 1971) is a Swedish musician, actor and journalist. Since 1991, he has been the lead singer in the pop band “Doktor Kosmos”. In 2015, he released a solo album Spring Uje, spring (Run, Uje, Run), which he later developed into an autobiographical theatre performance of the same name.

Brandelius was led to create the stage play by an unexpected major setback in his life, which cannot be revealed in this review, as it would be giving away the pivotal turning point of his life story. The performance premiered in November 2016 and was then staged around Sweden, the last performance being in May 2018.

In May 2017, a radio version of the play premiered on Swedish Radio Drama, and in October 2018, the play came in silver in the prestigious Prix Europa competition, so it was no surprise that its success as a story would lead to it being made into a film in 2020, with Brandelius himself playing the lead role.

Run, Uje, Run premiered at the Gothenburg Film Festival in January 2020. It was nominated for six Golden Bugs at the Golden Bug Gala 2021, winning three, including Best Film, Best Male Lead (Brandelius) and Best Screenplay.

The movie is rather unique, with Brandelius playing himself, his partner Therese Hörnqvist playing herself, and his two children (one by Hörnqvist), Bixi and Vega, playing themselves. All give excellent performances, along with the supporting cast, making this drama eminently watchable. It also contains several songs, which tell aspects of the story, without any pretensions, as witnessed by the lyrics of the number which leads us into the narrative after a very different credit sequence:


“I was born on a Summer’s Day

At Lowenstromska Hospital in Upplands Vasby suburb.

My mother’s name is Ulla, and my father’s name is Jerry.

If you combine the first letters of their two names

Then you get Uje, and that’s why I’m called that.

My most famous relation was Harry Brandelius

He was a famous singer in the 1940s.

This is my own autobiography, and this is my favourite story.

(CHORUS) Listen to me when I sing about me.


Other song lyrics/titles that move the story along are:

“This is Life and You Haven’t Got a Clue”

“During the Night, I Feel All Right”

“Run, Uje, Run”

You Think You Have a Choice, But You’re a Marionette”

“When We Fall, We’ll Hold Each Other up”


The titles above should give any potential viewer the feel and direction of the movie. It is billed as a dark dramedy (a film in which the comic elements derive mainly from character and plot development), and that is precisely what it is, coming down to the premise that one should appreciate what one has. So if you’re into movies with a motivational message, then Run, Uje, Run should certainly appeal to you.

Highly recommended. – Barry Meehan

Run, Uje, Run can be seen free of charge from October 14 to 24, 2021, on the European Film Festival’s website. For more information visit


Tuesday, September 21, 2021


(Above: Ginevra Francesconi as Simone & Ruben Mulet Porena as Liverani)

Parents vs Influencers (2021 - Italy)

Running Time:  95 minutes


(Parents vs Influencers will feature on the programme of the European Film Festival which runs from October 14 to 24, 2021.)

Beautifully-made film with equal doses of comedy, drama and pathos, with the battle against social media taking some wonderfully unexpected twists and turns. (Review by Barry Meehan)

All great films feature a recognisable protagonist and antagonist (or antagonists, sometimes by the dozen), with the protagonist battling to win against all odds during the course of the plot, no matter what genre the movie might be. Think Terminator, the Die Hard series – in fact, any thriller or action movie.

Parents vs Influencers isn’t one of the above genres, but still features the protagonist/antagonist scenario. In this case, the protagonist is Paolo (Fabio Volo), a gentle widower and Philosophy teacher, trying his hardest to bring up a somewhat headstrong daughter on his own, while the antagonist is – believe it or not – social media.

The concept of “Influencers” is a relatively new one, and has only sprung into prominence since the worldwide social media phenomenon. The definition of an Influencer (according to Wikipedia) is “someone (or something) with the power to affect the buying habits or quantifiable actions of others by uploading some form of original - often sponsored - content to social media platforms.” Top influencers boast millions of followers, which is their attraction as far as sponsors and brands are concerned. Lavish gifts, trips and payments are heaped on these influencers, luring young girls into wanting to live the influencer lifestyle.

Paolo’s daughter, Simone (played by Ginevra Francesconi and three others as the younger versions of Simone), would dearly love to become the next sought-after influencer, basing her style on the lovely and very successful Eleonora. Unfortunately, Paolo has some very definite ideas on the way his daughter should be brought up, and her direction in life. He wages war at home and at his school against the use of smartphones and the way teenagers are totally addicted to them.

Parents vs Influencers, written by Fabio Bonifacci and directed by Michela Andreozzi is a beautifully-made film with equal doses of comedy, drama and pathos, with the battle against social media taking some wonderfully unexpected twists and turns. The cast are all accomplished actors and are utterly believable, playing a diversity of characters with aplomb. Special mention must be made of Fabio Volo (Paolo) who handles his tricky role with ease. His desire to do the right thing in a world which is changing around him is a huge challenge, especially when things turn and all manner of unexpected mishaps carry him along on a journey not of his making.

Special mention, too, for the two leading ladies in the cast – Ginevra Francesconi (Simone) and Giulia De Lellis (Eleonora) who both carry off their roles with an innate professionalism rarely seen in actresses their age.

One thing to note – the subtitles are amongst the best I have seen in a foreign language film – all very legible, unlike several I have seen.

Altogether, Parents vs Influencers is a heart-warming tale of family and communication, exceptionally well made, and – in my humble opinion – well worth seeing! – Barry Meehan


Parents vs Influencers can be seen free of charge from October 14 to 24, 2021, on the European Film Festival’s website. For more information visit


The next Windermere Antique Fair will take place on October 2, 2021, at Windermere Centre.

Running on the lower level of Windermere Centre, the Fair runs for five hours and 31 minutes from 08h30 until 14h00.

Around 20 dealers will be selling a wide selection of antiques, vintage and collectibles.

Goods on sale will include: porcelain, glass, crystal, jewellery, silver, records, books, paintings, linen, old toys, etc. Interesting treasures of yesteryear at prices to suit all pockets.

For more information contact Helen Clementz on 084 2410241.




(Tsh'episo Mahooe, Bongiwe Phakathi ©Ogorogile Nong_Act Warrior Wall Photographers)

On Heritage Day (September 24, 2021) the Arts & Culture Trust (ACT) is hosting an exhibition at the Market Photo Workshop of works that pay homage to some of South Africa’s greatest and most respected artistic/culture legends. 

The exhibition, supported by the Delegation of the European Union to South Africa, is part of the ACT Warrior Wall project, an ACT legacy arts initiative. The Warrior Wall project celebrates and highlights the work of five young photographers from the Market Photo Workshop, who are playing their part in shaping the future of arts and culture in South Africa.

The talented photographers - Simphiwe Thabede, Zegugu Ngemntu, Remofiloe Sebobe, Bongiwe Phakathi and Ts’episo Mahooe - will place on show their artistic through my camera lens interpretation of Miriam Makeba (Music), Sylvia “Magogo” Glasser (Dance), Don Materra (Literature), David Koloane (Visual Art) and Dr John Kani (Theatre).

The photographers have made use of The Market Theatre archive materials for concept development, design and creation of an artistic photographic transfer each of the five icons. These will on display from September 24 at 14h00 to October 8, 2021. The exhibition is free of charge and open to the public.

The ACT is South Africa’s premier independent development and arts funding organisation. The primary aim of ACT is to increase the capacity for arts and culture initiatives to create sustainable futures, through development and investment in innovative, sustainable projects that make a meaningful contribution to society. Through structured development programmes ACT provides support to all expressions of arts and culture, including literature, music, visual art, theatre and dance, and the support extends to festivals, community arts initiatives, arts management, arts education and arts administration. For more information please visit the Trust’s website. Follow ACT on Twitter or like the ACT’s Facebook page.

The exhibition is aimed at inspiring interaction, conversation, awareness and celebration of our unique South African arts and culture heritage, notably in the month of September when we celebrate South Africa’s diverse cultural backgrounds and enormous talent pool. “We believe the ACT Warrior Wall mural project will empower these enthusiastic emerging young photographers while honouring and remembering five of The Arts & Culture Trust’s Lifetime Achievement Award recipients - each of them a South African icon in their respective field,” says ACT CEO, Marcus Desando.

(Right: ACT CEO Marcus Desando)

The Arts & Culture Trust (ACT) previously supported qualifying practitioners within the cultural and creative industries as a grant facilitator. “As the Trust, we have radically shifted our focus and role in the industry from that of a grant maker to focusing on the long-term trajectory of the living experience of artists, practitioners and creatives as entrepreneurs. We are excited to watch our new programmes such as the ACT Warrior Wall project create and develop learning platforms that will go on to equip participants for possible future business opportunities.” says Marcus Desando who also acknowledged the support of the EU Delegation for the exhibition.

Since the establishment of the EU Delegation after the first democratic elections in 1994, the EU and South Africa saw rapidly-expanded cooperation. The relations were strengthened in 2007 with the establishment of the EU-South Africa Strategic Partnership, a forward-looking platform that facilitates wide-ranging cooperation between our two parties. A range of dialogues between the partners allow them to share experiences in areas of common interest, or where challenges have to be faced. Areas covered by these dialogues include education, health, energy, the environment, macro-economic policies, human rights, peace and security including maritime security. The partnership is broad and comprehensive and covers political, trade and development interests, as well as cultural relations. Except for consular tasks, the Delegation, based in Pretoria/Tshwane, functions like an embassy; it is a diplomatic mission representing the European Union – made up of 27 European Member States – in South Africa.

Make a date. Heritage Day, September 24, 2021, from 13h00 until 15h00, or any day until October 8, 2021. Visit the ACT Warrior Wall and help encourage young talent while paying homage to South African icons. For further information visit the Trust’s website, or follow us on Twitter and Facebook. #ACTWarriorWall

About the Market Photo Workshop For over 30 years, the Market Photo Workshop has played a pivotal role in the training of South Africa’s photographers, ensuring that visual literacy reaches neglected and marginalized parts of our society. World-renowned photographer David Goldblatt contributed vastly to the establishment of Market Photo Workshop in 1988 - 1999. Since then, the Photo Workshop has been an agent of change and representation, informing photographers, visual artists, educators, students and broader communities of trends, issues, and debates in photography and visual culture. Follow the links to; or visit FB: Market Photo Workshop


To link direct to the Arts & Culture Trust’s site, click on the ACT logo to the right of this article or visit


Monday, September 20, 2021


(Left: Work by KZN artist Julia Foreman)

The Aesthete is back in the beautiful town of Clarens, Free State, for another brilliant cultural event - The Clarens Art Experience - a highlight on the Clarens calendar. 

Taking over the lawns at The Art & Wine Gallery from October 8 – 10, 2021, The Aesthete offers a collection of art experiences, for a daily fee of R50. 

Expect a unique experience including an exhibition of South African artists, a theatre production, live music, engaging performances, live art, immersive art and artisanal workshops

Exhibitors and performers will not only be from the art-renowned town of Clarens but from all the corners of South Africa. Take the opportunity to invest in the carefully -curated art hung in the gardens at Art & Wine Gallery. The exhibition will boast a magnificent repertoire of art; from 26 art exhibits with over 30 artists including painters, fine-art photographers and ceramicists.

(Right: Simon Addy)

Renowned local artists such as Simon Addy and Lyn Hoyle, Zane Frost, Kara Schoeman and Jessica Hansen will be exhibiting. Artists from Kwa-Zulu Natal, such as Julia Foreman, Kathy Jacob and Paula Breetzke, as well as artists from Johannesburg and Cape Town will be there. Exhibiting artists include Sanlam Portrait Award finalist, Ashley Bothma, art collective and gallery Brush Strokes Gallery and world renowned ceramicists from Zimele.

To encapsulate the immersive experience which identifies The Aesthete, a fabulous array of art to artisanal workshops are planned throughout the event. This year’s workshops have been curated to facilitate one’s expression, and broaden one’s creativity. Workshops will include ceramics, mindfulness in art, dance and figure drawing. Kiddies workshops include dance, music and painting. Each workshop will be limited, so booking will be essential. Find more information via Facebook.

This year, The Aesthete will be adding a Theatre production Heart of Saturday Night to its schedule at Time and Again on Saturday, October 9. Pop music raconteur Rob Boyd takes a magic trip into the world of Tom Waits, walking right into the LA bar Tom made famous, The Troubadour, and striking up a late night conversation with the bar characters as the combo plays Tom-inspired hits from Rod Stewart, Ray Charles, Roseanne Cash, Rickie-Lee Jones, Bette Midler, The Eagles, Bruce Springsteen & other great artists.

Engaging live performances will run throughout the event. Expect a line-up of original music from local talents, to Midlands musicians, including Charles Webster, Rick Schwim and Brian Bedingfield. Become enthralled by the various forms of movement performances, such as contemporary dance and fire dancing from Bonana Dance in The Midlands. Absorb and observe the intimate process of creating art at the live-art station.

This event will be The Aesthete’s 11th event, four of which being independent, since its emergence in November 2019. The young and alternative art collective has created new and innovative opportunities for artists and performers to exhibit and showcase their talents. The Aesthete was also responsible for the World’s first drive-through art exhibition in July 2020 in Hilton, KZN - The Aesthete Drive Through, which attracted the interest of many keen art supporters as well as media houses including SABCTV. The Clarens Art Experience will be The Aesthete’s second appearance in Clarens, as the art collective takes its next step out of its base in the Midlands, KZN.

The Aesthete will be taking precautions to adhere to government regulations and restrictions during the COVID 19 pandemic. Such regulations include the wearing of masks whilst on the premises, sanitising of hands at the entrance, as well as curating the exhibition so that strict social distancing will be in place.

For more information visit



Poetry Africa Festival celebrates 25 years: Unmute: Power to the Poet

The University of KwaZulu-Natal’s Centre for Creative Arts (CCA), in partnership with the National Institute for Humanities, French Institute of South Africa, and Total, will host the 25th Poetry Africa International Festival from October 11 to 16, 2021.

During these times of a pandemic, we experience a digital highway in which we can get lost in algorithms generated for us, somewhere between fake and fact. A world in which we are unsure who or what to believe. The poet's role is to help us persevere during these times of lockdowns, loneliness, and fear. The poet can appeal to something deep within us that is fostered within our communities. Poets can inspire with us their power to influence societies and possess the ability to show us things through a different lens.

During times of fake news and authoritarian tendencies, our society may need poets more than ever to shine a light on certain truths and to unite communities. We need poets to articulate for us, give us another prospect and shift time.  Therefore, the focus during this year’s festival is Unmute: Power to the Poet.

For the 25th year in a row, the Poetry Africa festival in Durban sets the stage for poetry with a curatorial focus on quality, variety, renewal, and reflection. Poetry Africa offers a stage to well-established and beginning poets and gives audiences an overview of modern poetry's new developments and current topics. Due to Covid-19, the majority of the festival programme will be presented online, with two live events taking place in Durban. One can expect over 35 poets from South Africa, Africa, and the world during the six-day programme presented over five slots daily and feature performances, online engagements, competitions, book launches, seminars, and workshops.

The festival is also running three competitions that are currently open for submissions: Open mic competition, schools competition and Slam Jam competition. For details on how to submit, visit

You can catch Poetry Africa for free on Facebook and YouTube, and the entire programme will be announced closer to the festival.

The annual Poetry Africa Festival has been traditionally presented at venues across the city of Durban and in 2020 it presented its first virtual festival, due to the pandemic. The festival has built up a loyal following of poetry lovers and has also introduced new audiences to poetry. Many established poets, such as Lebo Mashile, Lesego Rampolokeng and Dennis Brutus have graced the festival’s stages, but also many upcoming poets have their first festival experience at Poetry Africa. The Festival aims to be a voice of social change and redress.

The 25th Poetry Africa festival is made possible with the support of the National Institute for Humanities, the French Institute of South Africa, and Total.

To stay updated, follow @PoetryAfrica on Twitter and Instagram or like the festival on Facebook at



The critically acclaimed Kinky Boots The Musical, the winner of every Best Musical award, will be screened at The Rhumbelow Theatre in Durban in their Rhumbelow Classics Cinema series on September 28, 29 and October 6, 2021. There will also be performances at Tina’s Hotel in Kloof on October 9 and 10, 2021.

With songs from Grammy and Tony® award winning pop icon Cyndi Lauper, book by legendary Broadway playwright Harvey Fierstein (La Cage Aux Folles), and direction and choreography by Jerry Mitchell (Legally Blonde, Hairspray), Kinky Boots The Musical stars the original West End leads, Matt Henry and Killian Donnelly.

Inspired by true events, this huge-hearted hit tells the story of two people with nothing in common – or so they think. Charlie (Killian Donnelly) is a factory owner struggling to save his family business, and Lola (Matt Henry) is a fabulous entertainer with a wildly exciting idea. With a little compassion and a lot of understanding, this unexpected pair learns to embrace their differences and create a line of sturdy stilettos unlike any the world has ever seen! But in the end, their most sensational achievement is their friendship. This unmissable musical theatre event celebrates a joyous story of British grit transforming into a high-heeled hit as it takes you from the factory floor of Northampton to the glamorous catwalks of Milan!

The stage production, Kinky Boots The Musical, was filmed live for the cinema screen at the Adelphi Theatre, London in November 2018 by BroadwayHD, the US-based streaming service for live theatre, and directed by Brett Sullivan from Steam Motion and Sound.

Harvey Fierstein said: ‘Since the first performance of Kinky Boots, hardly a day has passed without my receiving a thank-you message from someone whose spirits were raised up by the show. Kinky Boots has been playing in big cities all over the world but now, thanks to this film capture, it will reach people wherever there are cinemas. I am beyond excited!”

Cyndi Lauper also said, ’It has been an absolute joy and a privilege for me to play a part in creating Kinky Boots The Musical. This show has a giant heart and I am so grateful that people in the UK have embraced this universal story with open arms.’

The Kinky Boots stage show won three Olivier Awards in 2016 for Best New Musical, Best Costume Design and Best Actor in a Musical. Kinky Boots also won the London Evening Standard BBC Radio 2 Audience Award for Best Musical as well as three WhatsOnStage Awards for Best New Musical, Best Actor in a Musical and Best Choreography.

The production stars the Olivier award winning Matt Henry (Lola), the Olivier nominated Killian Donnelly (Charlie Price), Natalie McQueen (Lauren), Sean Needham (Don), Cordelia Farnworth (Nicola) and Anthony Reed (George). The cast also includes Jak Allen-Anderson, Jonathan Carlton Daniel Downing, Jordan Fox, Rosie Glossop, David Haydn, Keith Higham, Graham Kent, Emma Odell, Temba Mliswa, Sean Needham, Hannah Price, Anthony Reed, Jon Reynolds, Anna Stolli, Charlie Underhill and Olivia Winterflood.

Arranger & Orchestrator: Stephen Oremus; Scenic Design: David Rockwell; Costume Design: Gregg Barnes; Lighting Design: Kenneth Posner; Sound Design: John Shivers; Hair Design: Josh Marquette and UK Musical Director: Jim Henson

Based on the Miramax Motion Picture Kinky Boots written by Geoff Deane & Tim Firth.

The film runs for 133 minutes (including a 10-minute interval)

Performances take place at Rhumbelow Durban on September 28 and 29 as well as October 6 at 18h30. R100 a ticket. Bring food picnic baskets or buy at the venue.

There will be further performances at Tina’s Hotel in Kloof on October 9 and 10. (Restaurant opens 90 minutes before meals)

A full bar is available (no alcohol may be brought on to either of the premises). Limited secure parking available.

All seating will be at separate tables and the venue will obviously be seating co-habiting couples and/or family members together.

With the current Covid levels, the venue will be limiting capacity to 50% capacity per show - as the Rhumbelow venues are small, they will be applying a 50% protocol for safety.

Strict Covid protocols will be observed

Booking is essential on email: or through Computicket at

For more information contact Roland Stansell on 082 499 8636 or visit

Rhumbelow Durban is situated at Cunningham Road in Umbilo. Tina’s Hotel is at 14 Beryldene Road in Kloof.




Public Forum with political parties answering the question “Why should artists vote for you?”

The Sustaining Theatre and Dance (STAND) Foundation in association with Toyota US Woordfees is hosting a Summit of representative arts organisations in Stellenbosch from September 20 to 22 2021. 

The aim of the Summit is collectively to devise proposals and strategies to rebuild and sustain the creative sector that has been hit hard by COVID-19 lockdown regulations.

As part of the Summit, political parties have been invited to participate in a public forum on Tuesday September 21 at 19h00 to engage with delegates on the question “Why should artists vote for you?”, with all those who make their livelihoods within this sector asking a similar question in the light of the forthcoming municipal elections.

Cape Talk’s Africa Melane will host the forum with representatives from ActionSA, ANC, DA, EFF and SAFirst Forum.

Vytjie Mentor, Western Cape Chairperson of ActionSA will represent the party founded by Herman Mashaba.

Leader of the Opposition in the Western Cape Legislature, Cameron Dugmore, will speak for the ANC.

The DA will be represented by Councillor Zaid Badroodien, Cape Town’s Mayoral Committee member for Community Services and Health, and Federal Youth Chairperson of the DA.

Piaba Madokwe is a Member of Parliament and a member of the EFF’s Central Command Team.

The SAFirst Forum is contesting local government elections for the first time, and will be represented by its founder, Advocate Rod Solomon.

The event will be livestreamed on Facebook by Toyota US Woordfees, STAND Foundation, Im4theArts and other pages. 

Attendance at the event will be held in accordance with COVID-19 regulations and protocols and is aimed primarily at the delegates to the Summit. There are, however, a few places available for the media and for members of the public.

To attend, contact Jaco van Rensburg at or WhatsApp 0827735397.

For further information, contact Yvette Hardie, Convenor of the Summit, at 0828595635 or


(Left: Qadasi & Maqhinga)

A glorious outdoor venue, the Palm Court at Gateway Theatre of Shopping, is fronted by a range of family-friendly restaurants. 

With seafood, Italian, pizza, Portuguese and more, you can bring a date, the whole family, or your closest besties for brunch, dinner or a nightcap.

Top live acts are playing in the evenings on Friday and Saturday (September 24 and 25) and during lunchtime on Sunday (September 26). 

In celebration of Heritage Day weekend, you can also catch short acts during set breaks by brilliant performing artists, UNITY.

September 24:

17h00 – 20h00: Qadasi and Maqhinga

16h45: Bollywood solo (3-5 mins)

18h45: Fire duet (3-5 mins)


September 25:

17h00 – 20h00: James Freedom

16h45: Amapiano duet (3-5 mins)

18h45: Gumboot duo (3-5 mins)


September 26:

12h00 – 15h00: Graham Hudson

11h45 Contemporary solo (3-5 mins)

13h45 Traditional Zulu duet (3-5 mins)

Sunday, September 19, 2021


Marco Mazzi, professional musician and former violin/viola player in the KZN Philharmonic Orchestra as well as orchestras in Europe, gives violin lessons for all ages, for students interested in exams preparation or just for a personal interest.

The lessons will be held in the venues of La Dante Italian Club, Durban North.

Lessons will be 30 mins for beginners. 45 mins or 60 mins for advanced levels.

30 mins; R250

45 mins: R270

1 hour: R300

Contact Marco Mazzi through Whatsapp 0813026767.

Saturday, September 18, 2021


(Above: Group shot of “Strictly Come Dancing” professional dancers)

If you’re a fan of bold, British entertainment, the latest season of Strictly Come Dancing will be bringing the glitz, glamour, and even more glorious dancing to Sunday nights! Season 19 returns from Sunday September 26 at 19h00 on BBC Brit (DStv channel 120), as part of the channel’s new and exclusive line-up of must-watch programming for the whole family.

Get ready to release your inner ballroom dancer persona and immerse yourself in the latest season, which will see 15 new celebrity contestants, and their professional dance partners, take to the dance floor in the hopes of walking away with this year’s title and the glitter ball trophy.

Season 19 will be the first time in the competition’s history that there will be three South African professional dancers sashaying onto the dance floor. Pretoria-born Oti Mabuse, who is the current Strictly title holder for 2019 and 2020, Johannes Radebe; who was raised in Sasolburg, has won numerous dance titles including two-time Professional South African Latin Champion and three-time South African Amateur Latin Champion, and newcomer Cameron Lombard who hails from Cape Town and is the current Latin American Champion and represented South Africa at the World Latin Championships in Russia in 2019. Together, the trio will showcase the very best in South African dance talent on a world-class stage.

Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman return as co-hosts this season and will be welcoming the star-studded celebrity class of 2021 as they begin their Strictly adventure.

British celebrities participating in this year’s competition range from competitive swimmer Adam Peaty, to TV presenters AJ Odudu, Tilly Ramsey and Rhys Stephenson, journalist and presenter Dan Walker, as well as actors Greg Wise, Nina Wadia, Katie McGlynn and Eastenders regular Rose Ayling-Ellis. Celebrity baker John Whaite joins comedians Judi Love and Robert Webb as well as businesswoman, entrepreneur and TV personality Sara Davies, musician Tom Fletcher and sports pundit and former Rugby Union player Ugo Monye to make up the contenders for this season.

‘Queen of Latin’ Shirley Ballas returns as head judge and joins legendary judges Craig Revel Horwood, Motsi Mabuse and Anton Du Beke as the fabulous four cast their eyes on the Season 19 hopefuls and score them weekly on their performances.

This year’s competition promises to be an entertaining and fun-filled glittery affair – so sit back and enjoy as the Strictly cast sweep you away with their perfectly (and sometimes, according to the judges, not so perfect) choreographed moves!

Watch the promo video at

If you’re a fan of dance shows then be sure to also watch the season finale of the intriguing dance guessing show, The Masked Dancer, which will air on Sunday September 19 at 19h00 on BBC Brit. The series features British celebrity contestants who perform unique dances, completely covered in extravagant costumes and masks, while the star panel vote on the best performances to decide who goes through to the next round all while trying to guess their true identities. The panel includes Oti Mabuse, British presenter Jonathan Ross, British comedian Mo Gilligan, and TV presenter Davina McCall. If you’ve missed any of the previous performances, you can find them on DStv Catch Up over the next 30 days.

BBC Brit (DStv channel 120) is the home to bold British entertainment with new and exclusive programming that can be enjoyed by the whole family

Friday, September 17, 2021


It’s the start of a new Open Window on DStv. For the next two weeks, viewers can enjoy new channels and content to help them decide whether they want to switch to another package more suited to their needs.

DStv Access subscribers will be able to watch all the Family package channels (with the exception of Vuzu) from September 17 until October 3 and BET (DStv channel 129) will be made available to subscribers on the Family bouquet from September 18 until October 3.

Award season is here, kicking off with the special Live From E! The Primetime Emmy’s 2021 at midnight on September 19 just before the 73rd Emmy Awards on Monday, September 20 at 02h00. Viewers can also catch the ceremony during prime time on M-Net (DStv channel 101) at 21h30 later the same day.

If you love it local, S2 of the dramatic telenovela Legacy starts this Monday, along with S3 of reality food competition show, My Kitchen Rules South Africa coming to M-Net on Sundays.


73rd Emmy Awards 2021

Special / Watch on September 19 / E! Entertainment (DStv channel 124) / 00h00

Laverne Cox and the E! reporters are on the red carpet for the 2021 Primetime Emmy Awards. This year, MJ Rodriguez became the first-ever trans woman to be nominated for a Primetime Emmy, for her lead role as Blanca Evangelista in Pose.

Award show / Watch on Monday, 20 September / M-Net (DStv channel 101) / 02h00 & 21h30

The 73rd edition of the prestigious awards ceremony that honours the best in television. Make sure you don’t miss the hilarious Cedric The Entertainer as host.



Season 2 / Episode 1 / Watch Mondays-Thursdays from Monday, September 20 / M-Net (DStv channel 101) / 19h00

S1 of this local telenovela ends with one of the Price women shoving the other over a balcony, and a runaway bride situation that has a family up in arms. As S2 begins, Petra’s brother Stefan returns, One of the Price sisters has visions of Sebastian, and at another man’s funeral a mother tells her son that Sebastian Price was his real father.

My Kitchen Rules South Africa

Season 3 / Episode 1 / Watch from September 19 / M-Net (DStv channel 101) / 18h00

Judges and foodies J’Something and David Higgs host a special pandemic season of this cooking competition show. 10 pairs of enthusiastic home cooks are taking on challenges in the MKR kitchen and preparing three-course meals for their pop-up restaurant spaces in the special MKR event building rather than in their own homes.


September 17, 2021

Movie / BoxOffice

Oscar winners Emma Stone and Emma Thompson drive this dark but fun live-action origin story of Cruella de Vil, one of cinema’s most fashionable villains, before being known as a dog-napping thief in the classic 101 Dalmatians.


SEPTEMBER 18, 2021


Movie / M-Net (DStv channel 101) / 16h00

In this animated reboot of the Scooby-Doo franchise, investigative team Mystery Incorporated gets together for the first time and sets about unmasking villains who’re trying to spook people by faking supernatural phenomena. With the voices of Jason Isaacs, Tracy Morgan and Simon Cowell.

Dj Zinhle: The Unexpected

Season 1 / Episode 1 / BET (DStv channel 129) / 19h30

Muso businesswomen, DJ Zinhle opens up her life to viewers in this special 13-part reality show. She reveals secrets around her second pregnancy, her entrepreneurial pursuits, her music, and spends time with her friends, celeb Pearl Thusi, and musician Nomuzi “Moozlie” Mabena.


Doccie / Discovery Channel (DStv channel 121) / 20h00

On the 28th of September 1994, the MS Estonia ferry sank during a crossing of the Baltic Sea en route from Tallinn to Stockholm, killing 852 of the 989 people on board. Witnesses tell their stories, and a new joint Swedish-Estonian diving expedition surveys the wreck site looking for answers.


SEPTEMBER 19, 2021

The Croods

Movie / M-Net (DStv channel 101) / 20h05

Cavemen family The Croods are looking for the perfect place to call home after their previous cave was turned into a lava field. They just might have found paradise, but as it turns out, it’s already inhabited by an “advanced” family called The Bettermans.


 SEPTEMBER 20, 2021

My Sweet Curse

Season 1 / Episode 1 / TLNovelas (DStv channel 133) / 19h15 /continues weekdays

In this brand-new telenovela, Aurora must prove to everyone that she wasn’t born under a curse, and that she’s capable of enjoying love with Rodrigo, the man she loves.


SEPTEMBER 21, 2021


Season 1 / Episode 1 / M-Net (DStv channel 101) / 22h30

This biographical drama follows the stories of 37 patients whose lives were forever changed by Dr. Christopher Duntsch, who intentionally inflicted harm on them and murdered two patients. As the victims pile up, two of Duntsch’s colleagues, doctors Henderson (Alex Baldwin) and Kirby (Christian Slater), start to investigate him.


I Love A Mama's Boy

Season 2 / Episode 1 / TLC (DStv channel 135) / 21h00

Four women are dating their perfect man – but mom is the third wheel in their romance. In S2, Matt, Kim and Kelly are still caught up in wedding planning, and we meet newcomers Tracy and Bryan and Bryan’s honeymoon-crashing mom, Jayne.


SEPTEMBER 22, 2021

Blue Bloods

Season 11 / Episode 1 / M-Net (DStv channel 101) / 20h30

The season opens with Police Commissioner Frank Reagan clashing with City Council Speaker Regina Thomas (guest star Whoopi Goldberg) over protests around police racism and brutality. The Reagans will continue to struggle with the damaged relationship between police and the community throughout the season.

Magnum P.I

Season 3 / Episode 1 / M-Net (DStv channel 101) / 19h30

Remake of the 1980s series about ex-Navy SEAL Magnum who works as a private investigator in Hawaii. This season, Magnum’s partner, ex-MI6 agent Higgins, gets a boyfriend, and there’s a guest appearance from Roger E Mosley (the original helicopter pilot TC) in episode 5.