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Sunday, September 28, 2008


Kizo Gallery to host first KZN exhibition by multi award-winning artists.

Kizo Gallery at Gateway is to host the first exhibition in KwaZulu-Natal of multi award-winning artists Lambert Moraloki and Brigitte Hertell.

Lambert and Brigitte have participated in exhibitions in Japan, Germany, Norway, The Netherlands, London, Italy, Scotland, India, China, Korea, France, Poland, USA and throughout South Africa.

In 2004/ 2005 they were awarded the Grand Prize at The Hyogo International Painting Competition in Japan and in 2001 they won the Grand Prize at The Osaka International Triennial. This is no small feat considering that The Osaka International Triennial had 11,497 entries from 3,821 artists from 99 countries. An international jury selected 133 artworks from different artists including the work by Lambert and Brigitte entitled Marginal Sanctuaries.

Brigitte was born in South Africa. She studied at the University of Pretoria and had tuition at the École des Beaux-Arts, Grenoble, France.

Lambert was also born in South Africa and studied at SDASA College in the Transkei. He trained as a teacher at the MEDU Art Organization and in Pretoria at the Art and Music Association.

“Art lovers are in for a treat of textures, colours and mesmerizing images that these two talented and exceptionally creative artists have become internationally known for,” says Kizo curator Nathi Gumede. “Their works are extremely powerful and often make important social and political commentary that is unique and of extreme relevance to the South African experience.”

Lambert Moraloki and Brigitte Hertell’s exhibition runs from October 6 to 28 in the Downstairs Gallery at Kizo Art Gallery which is situated at Gateway. The opening will be at 18h30 on October 6. More information from Nathi Gumede on 031 566 4324, fax 031 566 2494 or email: or visit