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Saturday, October 25, 2008


(Pic: “Blue Hair” by Didier Lourenço)

Acclaimed Spanish artist to have his first exhibition in Africa at Blue Caterpillar Gallery in Pietermaritzburg.

Acclaimed Spanish artist Didier Lourenço will present his first exhibition in Africa at the Blue Caterpillar Art Gallery in Pietermaritzburg.

Known for his portrayal of idyllic moments captured in time Didier uses rich textures and colours to create work that presents one with a window into a world where life passes at a slower, more gentle pace. Mediterranean villages, the man on a bicycle, jazz clubs and animals are popular themes. He has held numerous solo and collective exhibitions throughout Europe and North America, capturing a global audience. Many South Africans who are familiar with posters of his work now finally have the opportunity to view and own Didier's orginal oil paintings and handmade lithographs. The exhibition showcases a wide variety of his work and

The exhibition runs at the Blue Caterpillar Art Gallery from November 28 until December 31 2008.
Didier Lourenço will be present at the opening on November 29. Anyone wishing to attend the opening and meet with the artist should contact Jeni Cramer on 033-3871356. The exhibition can also be viewed online at