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Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Initiative rising from the need that every culture needs to be celebrated.

Hip hop Music originated in the Bronx, New York, in the late 70’s and - since its entrance to the world of arts and culture - it has proven to be a very powerful and effective medium for people to educate, express, empower and sustain themselves. The culture of Hip Hop strongly supports good and positive human values such as knowledge of self, unity, peace, love and having fun. In South Africa it has grown to the point where hip-hop artists are currently achieving platinum sales for their albums.

It goes without saying that every culture needs to be celebrated to remind people of the good times as that is what brings us all together. The Hip-Hop Heritage Tour initiative came out of this need. Launched on September 27 at the Polo Nite Club in Pietermaritzburg, the follow-up will take place on October 18 in Durban’s Zulu Jazz Lounge.

Hip-Hop has taken over the imagination of youth and media in South Africa and the tour promises to deliver the ultimate hip-hop celebration in South Africa as it attempts to visit every major city in South Africa by June 2009.

More information contact: Vongani Rikhotso on 082 772 6303 or email: or visit