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Monday, October 27, 2008


Close-knit circle of musicians appear in a free jam in Hillcrest.

Organiser Clyde Lawrence shares his love of live music with a close-knit circle of musicians, who are both family and friends from all over the world. Now in its sixth year, the get-together is called Unrehearsed and is put together by some very accomplished session musicians. One cannot call the evening a show, as it is unrehearsed. The musos play what people want to hear, from the heart and for the love of music.

Following the success of last year’s Unrehearsed, Hillcrest KwikSpar have come on board as a sponsor, following their successful collaboration with Andrew Young, HeartStrings and Drakensberg Boys’ Choir concerts, all in the upper-Highway area.

The evening once again promises to be of top quality in terms of popular 60’s and 70’s music, some original material as well as up to date covers. Top muso Mike de Jager is being flown out from the UK for the gig. He hails from Durban and has played with the likes of Dennis Stratton of Iron Maiden, Al Atkins of Judas Priest, Joe Satriani and such.

The performance takes place on October 31 at the Hillcrest Rugby Club. The seating arrangements are similar to the Barnyard with tables and chairs, where patrons bring their own food and drinks. Gold Circle tickets are R140 and Outer Ring tickets are R80.

Booking is essential. Tickets available at Hillcrest KwikSpar or from Clyde on 082 897 2511 or Len on 083 368 1063.