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Sunday, November 16, 2008


Ellis Pearson presents a theatre adventure starring Sean De Klerk at Boho Theatre!

For the first time, international theatre maker Ellis Pearson directs another performer in a role he wrote for himself. Black Out is a theatre adventure starring Sean de Klerk which will run at the Boho Theatre (St Mary’s church hall next door to Beanbag Bohemia) in Windermere Road:

The curtain is coming down on our world. Is it the final curtain? Will there be an encore?

Ellis has created a theatre epic to rival a combination of Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and James Bond! It is a gigantic battle between good and evil. The arch villain has done what no-one else has dared to do. He has stolen the sun and now holds the world to ransom. Can the unlikely heroes rise to the occasion and help to bring back the light?

In a madcap adventure to help Professor Fifi, crazy inventor Doughnut and ballroom dancing wannabee Jock save the planet from a lunatic with the power to switch off the sun ... forever. Ellis Pearson and Sean de Klerk take a unique, seriously thought-provoking, yet highly entertaining look at the global warming crisis.

Blackout is a comic celebration of everything that is wonderful about theatre – energy, danger, laughter and astonishment; clever use of objects and sound making devices.

Performances take place from December 6 to 31 at 11h00 (excluding Mondays). Tickets 40 booked at Computicket.