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Friday, December 26, 2008


Lindy Bruce takes “Motherhood and Me” international with Mousehand

Innovative publishing-services company Electric Book Works says it is signing up more and more well-known authors looking to expand the distribution networks for their books. Popular and award-winning authors including Lindy Bruce, Tony Wende, Angela Lloyd and Barbara Erasmus have signed up for EBW’s Mousehand publishing and distribution services.

Lindy Bruce, whose book Motherhood and Me was published by Oshun in March 2008, is the latest author to sign up for this international print-on-demand distribution service. As the holder of the international rights to her book, Bruce searched for the most reliable and affordable way to sell her book internationally without compromising the quality of the final product. Her book will be available to online retailers including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powells and The Book Depository (UK), and to bookstore suppliers in the UK and the US.

According to Bruce “There is no single person as passionate about the words and message in a book than the person who wrote them. Part of the passion is the deep desire to share the words and the message with everybody, everywhere! Electric Book Works provides an avenue for authors to make this dream come true.”

Print on demand is a print and distribution model that allows for a book to be printed and delivered one copy at a time, when the customer places the order. This technology is becoming increasingly popular because it requires little start-up capital and eliminates the costs of large print runs and warehousing. It also allows publishers to keep books in print when sales have dropped below what would be considered affordable when printing conventionally.