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Saturday, December 6, 2008


Interactive fun children’s show from Rory Booth and Grand Jacobs.

The interactive fun children’s show – Festive Fun with Bob and Rob is to have a two-week run from December 10 to 31 at the Catalina Theatre in Wilson’s Wharf.

Two of the theatre community’s most hard-working rising stars and Catalina regulars, Rory Booth and Grant Jacobs, have jointly devised, scripted, created and directed a delicious story about brothers Bob and Rob who go on a fabulous adventure and learn important life lessons en-route. This production is especially relevant to little boys as the focus of their adventure is a quest to find an X-Box 360 Special Edition.

Booth can currently be seen flexing his vocal talents in the Playhouse’s Unforgettable, and Jacobs was most recently seen as one of the vocal soloists in the annual Shall We Dance.

Rob and Rob play hide-and-seek one day and stumble on a newspaper advert which boasts of a special offer on the new X-box. As their mother doesn’t allow them to leavie home without an adult they have a nap instead to kill the time but they fall into a deep dream in which they hop on their bikes to cycle to Gateway to buy a zooty new X-Box with Bob’s pocket money.

Of course, they have a huge magical adventure by getting lost in Virginia Bush and encountering an assortment of people along the way. When they finally get to Gateway, the precious X-Box’s are all sold out. Being Christmas time, the story does have a happy ending reminding us that good behaviour is always rewarded and being naughty does have its consequences!

Festive Fun with Bob and Rob runs from December 10 to 31 at the Catalina Theatre and is perfect for children. It is only 45 minutes long, so is suitable for the little ones. Tickets include a boat ride around the harbour to make a full morning’s entertainment for families.

Shows are at 11h00 daily including Mondays from December 10 to 31. Tickets R45 for show and boat ride (R30 for show only)

To book call Thandeka on 031 305 6889 or email Catalina Theatre. Tickets are available online at or at or at /

The Catalina Theatre is still functioning thanks to support from Rainbow Chicken, National Arts Council and Ethekwini Municipality