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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


International launch of scrapbooking publications grows from Clive Frost’s original present to his daughter.

Imagine a scrapbook shop owner and a marketing manager from a huge retail company coming together and launching a quarterly Idea Book and a monthly art and craft Step-by-Step guide in South Africa? Forming publishing company SCD Creations tells the story.

SCD Creations specialises in designing and printing arts and crafts ideas for scrapbook enthusiasts. To be published quarterly, the first magazine Idea Book, titled 3D Paper Magic launches in December. It is 96 pages and includes the latest ideas and examples of 3D paper piecing techniques and designs. Scrapbook fanatics can also look forward to entering big competitions.

The monthly magazine titled Scrap Affairs, a 16 page Step-by-Step guide tells readers about the latest scrapbooking developments, finding craft shops, guidelines to assist in creating new scrapbook pages and will feature designs from other teachers and readers.

Clive Frost, co-owner of SCD Creations enthusiastically tells his story, “It began in 2004 when I was marketing manager for a large retail store. I didn’t know what to give my dearest daughter Bianca for her 20th birthday. I had been a single parent for 18 years and shared many special moments with Bianca, the memories, captured in special photographs were stored in shoeboxes. I began organising the photos intending to present Bianca with an album as a gift but realised the album was not enough, the photographs needed an accompanying story.”

While browsing in shops for paraphernalia to match each moment in Clive and Bianca’s lives, Clive came across a scrapbooking magazine and immediately knew he would transform the photos into a scrapbook. Clive spent six months journaling, scrapping, cutting and designing.

“That is how my scrapbooking journey began. It wasn’t easy, though, I had to work in the early hours of the morning every day to keep my surprise hidden from Bianca’s inquisitive, peeping nature. The long hours paid off, I knew I was creating the most amazing gift a father could give his daughter.”

While visiting scrapbook shops, Clive became more and more fascinated and intrigued with his new hobby and entered a few scrapbook competitions. He was selected winner of a competition and met Sue Musto, editor of the magazine that ran the competition. He shared his fascination of scrapbooking, designs and ideas with Sue who suggested they explore the idea of bringing them to life in an Idea Book form.

As the saying goes, “I’ve never looked back” says Clive, “SCD Creations are negotiating the launch of Idea Book internationally. We have our own website where scrappers can interact, find the latest scrapbooking venues, trends, products and equipment. Shop owners can include their details and events on our website. The first Idea Book and Step-by-Step magazine is available at CNA, stationery and scrapping shops in your area.”

Further information about the magazines from Bianca Frost on 083 715 9756 or 012 654 5996 or email