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Saturday, December 27, 2008


David Krut publishes primer in South African Graphic Design

David Krut Publishing (DKP) has released the publication of Skill Set 1 Graphic Design: A Primer in South African Graphic Design.

The first in the series of Skill Set books on design by David Krut Publishing, it is the first book of its kind in South Africa.

Skill Set is a new multi-volume Knowledge Resource and Educational Series on design. Using a practicable, outcomes-based approach, Skill Set will provide instruction in various fields of design, including graphic design, stage design, fashion design and industrial design. Skill Set will feature locally relevant content, as well as commentary and work by leading local design professionals. The series is aimed at a broad audience that includes learners at secondary schools and tertiary institutions, as well as emerging and established professionals.

It features lively interviews with some of the most important graphic designers in South Africa, an essay by renowned designer Garth Walker, useful descriptions of the elements of graphic design, explanations of design basics and a valuable bibliography and list of design-related resources. It is a must-have for teachers and students of graphic design as well as for individuals, studios and agencies in the design industry. The book is written and designed by Michael MacGarry.

MacGarry is a graphic designer, writer and artist based in Johannesburg. He began his design career in Dublin and London before returning to South Africa to work with The Trinity Session as designer, copywriter, and researcher. He is currently Senior Designer at Fever Identity Design. Michael has an MFA from Wits and is also a visual artist who has exhibited locally and internationally. He is owner of and is a founding member of art collective Avant Car Guard. As a writer Michael is published in several local magazines, and recently co-published, with Lloyd Gedye, a limited-edition magazine titled The Pavement Special.