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Sunday, December 7, 2008


Benefit concert to be held for veteran rock ‘n roll singer/pianist Tony Darrell. (Article courtesy of The Mercury: November 25)

He has given many who enjoy good old fashioned rock ‘n roll lots of pleasure, now it’s time to give back, if possible, by attending a benefit concert for veteran rock ‘n roll singer/pianist Tony Darrell.

The concert takes place on December 7 at the Boktown Bar on the Bluff.

Darrell, who has been diagnosed as a diabetic, is now suffering deteriorating health.

Born in Manchester, UK, Tony Darrell soon discovered rock ‘n roll and began playing the piano. His major influences are Jerry Lee Lewis and, of course, Elvis. In 1972 he came to South Africa on a three week contract and did very nicely with his frenetic and energetic performances and decided to remain in Durban where he eventually formed the Tony Darrell Trio.

Boiktown is at 272 Lighthouse Road on the Bluff. The performance starts at 14h00 on December 7. Tickets 30 and CDs of Tony’s 66th birthday performance will be on sale. All proceeds will go to him.

For further information con tact Sid on 031 466 3545.