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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Egoli and Binnelanders to switch time slots on April 6.

M-Net’s two daily soaps, Egoli and Binnelanders, will switch time slots on April 6. From then on, Binnelanders will be screened at 18h00, followed by Egoli at 18h30.

Theo Erasmus, M-Net’s Director of General Entertainment, says the move forms part of a long-term business strategy aimed at assuring the channel’s continued commercial success.

He explains: “M-Net and Franz Marx made a joint decision to end Egoli in March 2010. For this reason, it makes sense to move Binnelanders, into the channel’s premier early-evening time slot as soon as possible. It makes it easier for advertisers and viewers to plan ahead, which is in M-Net’s best interest.”

Erasmus adds that that it is important for a channel to adapt to developments in the television landscape, even though change is always met with some resistance: “Viewers are used to the current schedule, but we know from experience that they adapt very quickly. M-Net has to think ahead, and Binnelanders, plays a major role in the channel’s future.”

Devoted Egoli viewers who miss an episode in the new time slot will now be able to catch a repeat on M-Net the next day at 08h00. In addition to this new Egoli repeat, there will also still be an Egoli omnibus on kykNET on Friday evenings at 22h30.

Binnelanders, switches to the 18h00 time slot on kykNET as well. A repeat will be screened on kykNET weekdays at 22h00, and on M-Net weekdays at 08h30.