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Friday, February 6, 2009


Suncoast to host series of skits and dance sequences.

The Looney Lahnee Show offers a series of delicious skits and dance sequences about Indian people who are mainly living in formerly White suburbs. From the entertaining philosophies of Uncle Johnny and Uncle Bobby to the eccentric antics of bus conductor, Sathaseevan, to the hysterical concerns of Aunty Shakoon, the show features a kaleidoscope of memorable characters that everyone will recognize.

The Looney Lahnee show takes place at The Supernova at NuMetro CineCentre at Suncoast on February 21 and 22 and features the diverse talents of Shika Budhoo, Dhaveshan Govender and Kajal Maharaj, with Maharaj performing some vivid dance sequences which pay tribute to Bollywood. Ashwin Singh, the producer of the show, also appears in the production.

For more information contact Suncoast Marketing on 031 328 3000 or visit