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Thursday, February 12, 2009


Dance boutique to launch range of belly dance practice wear.

On February 28, dancers Senta Seele and Warren will open a "dance boutique" named RAKASA - meaning 'female dancer' in Arabic.

Although they will be importing mainly belly dance outfits and belts etc, they will stock beaded fringing to enhance belly dance and Latin outfits.

They are launching a range of belly dance practice wear, which is also ideal for Latin and Ballroom: very wide pants (great for ballroom practice); narrow pants; short skirts; wrap tops; drawstring tops and strappy tops

“I have been fortunate to have made some great friends in Cairo, who have led me to the right suppliers - good quality, but not at tourist prices,” says Seele. “We will be running open days from our home where we will sell the goods, and teachers are also welcome to phone if they need something at another time, or want us to come to their studios.”

Orders for these can be placed at the open day. They have a variety of fun slogans, and there is also the option of having Warren help design individual logos or slogans for the practice wear.

“The fringing is usually 1m long and is sold either in straight pieces of approx 10cm in width, or small Vs or large Vs - or full sets of a combination of shapes,” explains Seele. “Each string of beads is sewed onto the cord individually so they are easy to cut without losing the beads. If you are wanting specific colours, we cannot guarantee what they will have in stock, but please let us know your favourites and we will do our best to get them for you!” adds Seele.

The Open Day on February 28 runs from 11h00 to 15h00 at 2 Sagewood Mews, 10 Up the Hill, Sunningdale.

More information from Senta Seele of the Maya Dance Company on 082 829 3658, email or visit