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Thursday, March 19, 2009


Phoebe Cates and Carrie Fisher star in story of a woman and her imaginary childhood friend.

Drop Dead Fred directed by Ate de Jong and starring Phoebe Cates and Carrie Fisher will be broadcast on March 23 at 19h30 on M-Net Stars (Channel 105).

It tells the story of a woman whose life has fallen apart and goes home to her mother, but it’s her imaginary childhood friend, the mischievous Fred, who helps her to pick up the pieces.

Lizzie is an introverted young woman who has never really learned to enjoy life. But this all changes when, in one dramatic lunch hour, she loses her money, her car, her job and her husband. When she returns to her domineering mother, she finds the jack-in-the-box that helped her cope as a child. Inside is Drop Dead Fred, the imaginary childhood friend only she can see. And he’s determined to make things right for poor Lizzie. But whatever Fred does, leads to chaos.