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Thursday, March 19, 2009


("Avian Minotaur" – a sculpture by Gerald Baise that stands a metre high )

YEStoDAY is a solo exhibition by Durban-based Gerald Baise to take place in the Main Gallery at artSPACEdurban.

This exhibition refers to sculptures made over the past 28 years – yes(terday) and today - and includes new work from the past two years.

“Once again this is all about wood as a living material that provides a varying resistance and takes one on a journey which continues until the spirit enters the piece as my teacher, the late Basil Jones, used to say,” explains Gerald Baise. “That journey is about shapes and tactility and not about esoteric mission statements. The work speaks for itself and if there is no voice then let it be so.”

YEStoDAY runs at artSPACEdurban from March 30 to April 18.