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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


(Pic: Linda Bukhosini, Gcina Mhlophe and Nokulinda Mkhize with participants of the Playhouse Company’s Basadi workshop)

As part of its 2009 Disability Arts programme, the Playhouse Company hosted a Basadi workshop for young people with various physical challenges on June 19. Participants in the event were Grade 10 to Grade 12 girls, aged between 15 years and 18 years, from God’s Golden Acre in Cato Ridge and Emalandeni in Umlazi.

“Following the highly successful collaboration we enjoyed with The Playhouse Company in presenting last year’s Basadi programme, we were delighted to be back for last week’s workshops,” said the project co-ordinator, Nokulinda Mkhize. “While working as a volunteer in Umlazi recently, I was able to identify areas in which physically challenged learners stood to benefit from a workshop such as Basadi. This special awareness stood us in good stead putting together our 2009 workshops.”

“The workshops were based on learner-centred activities, which incorporated various learning styles (visual, kinetic, communicative and auditory modes of learning), to encourage active participation. The creative and collaborative lessons were arts-oriented, including drama, movement and auditory interpretation, captivating and engaging the young participants in a way that was innovative, inclusive and inspiring.”

Linda Bukhosini, Playhouse Company Chief Executive and Artistic Director, adds: “In formulating our annual Arts Plan, we take great care to ensure that our programming embraces the needs of all sectors of our greater community. In this regard we strive to ensure that we sensitively embrace those members of our community who are differently abled or who live with physical challenges. We are pleased to have hosted this year’s Basadi Workshop.”