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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


(Pic: Front: Aashiqui Makan & Kerusha Naidoo, middle: Saiyuri Chetty and back: Avisha Naidoo)

Public debut performance by four Bharatha Natyam students of the Aangika Dance Company.

The Aangika Dance Company will proudly host the Bharatha Natyam arangetram - or public debut performance - of four of its senior graduates in the Playhouse Opera in Durban on July 26.

Yashika Mungal, Principal and Artistic Director of Aangika said the arangetram will be the culmination of many years of dedication, discipline, sacrifice, perseverance and passion by the students as well as their parents to ensure the propagation of the ancient Indian classical dance form.

“It is said that everything is meaningless until you give it worth and this will be true for the four graduates who have made this ancient art form such a significant part of their lives from childhood to adulthood,” said Yashika Mungal.

The four graduates are Ashiki Makan, Avisha Naidoo, Saiyuri Chetty and Kerusha Naidoo. They will perform to live music by four artistes from Chennai who will be especially brought to Durban for the momentous event.

For further information, contact the event co-ordinator Sundru Pillay at 082 568 2504.