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Thursday, July 9, 2009


Lecturer, mentor and former broadcaster passes away on July 6.

The following is a message passed on by PANSA from Angela Muspratt-Williams (
“It was with great sadness that we at PANSA heard the news that Yvonne Banning had passed away. She has been one of the icons of our industry and has always shown incredible support to us, the industry and everyone whose lives she touched. If anyone would like to send messages, please send them to us and we will make sure that they reach her family.”

The following is a tribute from Liz Mills of the UCT Drama Department.

It is with deep sadness that I pass on the news that Yvonne passed away quickly, painlessly and peacefully on Monday night with her children at her bedside.

Yvonne, as her students know, was inspiring and deeply nurturing of individual creativity. Some of the finest postgraduate writing produced in this department was crafted under her supervision. She tirelessly supported postgraduate work and particularly the people in the work no matter how big or small the project. While the loss is huge she leaves a legacy of high academic and artistic standards, keen curiosity, witty engagement and absolute loyalty to realising the vision and following the dream. – Liz Mills (UCT Drama Department)

Tribute from Caroline Smart (editor of artSMart)

I am truly sorry to hear of the passing of Yvonne Banning. When I first started doing radio work in the mid 1960's, I aimed to emulate her excellent broadcasting abilities and sense of drama and comedy (for many years, she appeared in Tom Meehan's radio comedy Father Dear Father). Her influence on her students could always been seen in UCT drama productions where articulation and projection was without fault. Those who have been taught by her should treasure her teachings because they were invaluable.

My sympathies go to her nearest and dearest. - Caroline Smart