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Monday, July 20, 2009


(Pic: Some of the works on the exhibition)
A group of exciting young Durban jewellers has joined forces for an exhibition entitled Flavours, running at the artSpace gallery.

The emerging jewellers, all Durban University of Technology Honours students, bring a fusion of creative flavours to the exhibition, with work that encompasses the playful and decorative, organic and slick, and goes from ornate to ethnic-chic.

Jeweller S’bhekile Lukhele, for example, says he takes his inspiration from industrial, mechanical objects and uses a computer aided design program to solve technical problems in his work.

By contrast, Christy-Anne Bestwick says she’s been drawing inspiration from Victorian design. “I love texture, pattern and contrast … I try to take an extravagant old-world feel and adapt it to a modern context,” says Christy-Anne.

Wood and silver are some of Haifeng Piao’s favourite materials. He enjoys fusing Chinese concepts and techniques with modern ideas and is working on contemporary version of the Chinese tea set.

Cash-strapped jewellery lovers will be delighted to learn that one of the eight, Lusanda Mgugudo, is using found objects in her work, to create “recession-chic pieces that are affordable but look good”.

Also taking part in Flavours are jewellers Taryn Koekemoer, Jadi Clark, Sean Brunette, and Chantell Wehmeyer. The show runs at artSpace’s middle gallery, 3 Millar Road (off Umgeni Road), until August 1. Call the gallery for more details at 031 312 0793.