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Sunday, August 23, 2009


International Christian School presents its major theatrical production.

International Christian School will present the staging of its major theatrical production Dream Quest on August 27 and 28.

Set amidst a multi-cultural blending of music, colourful costume and dance, ranging from the exotic Turkish lands to the urban taxi land, Dream Quest carries an inspiring and profound message of hope and faith relevant to every learner in our rainbow nation. The central theme of the play is the bold, almost aggressive assertion of faith and perseverance in the face of despair, hopelessness and discouragement. The play offers a window into the world of a child’s imagination.

Dream Quest draws the audience into a chilling awareness of the fragility of dreams; dreams which are crucial to the fulfilment of our God-given destinies,” says school principal Mrs M. Dolan. “These dream seeds sown into the hearts of our learners can so easily be snatched away by a number of negative influences ranging from a thoughtless remark to the dream destroying factors of poverty, disjointed families, unemployment, hopelessness and moral decadence prevalent in modern society.”

As an educational experience, the story identifies with the conflicts and pressures experienced by young people and offers creative and constructive ways of resolving and overcoming pressure. The production draws on learning outcomes from the Life Orientation and Arts and Culture Syllabus and visually directs the learners to use the acquired life skills to achieve and extend their personal potential. They are motivated to cling tenaciously to their dreams, rise above demanding circumstances and to emerge as victors in society.

The play with its racy wit, song and dance is not only an educational experience highlighting Life Skills, but is also immensely entertaining. Great emphasis has been given to detail and this is evident in the vibey up-tempo dance routines which all make for a kaleidoscope of entertainment and colour designed to inspire the children of our rainbow nation.

A matinee performance will be staged for all schools on August 27 at 10h00 with an entrance fee of R10 for learners.

The evening performance for the general public takes place on August 28 at 19h00, with an entrance fee of R25 pp. The venue is The Dome, corner of Garth and Galway Roads in Mayville, which is the largest aluminium dome in the Southern Hemisphere and the second largest aluminium dome in the world. Tickets will be available at the school office (08h00 to 15h00) and at the door. Ample secure parking is available for buses and other vehicles.

More information from Mrs D Smith on 031 242 5005, fax 031 2425072 or e-mail