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Sunday, August 23, 2009


Next meeting to take place on September 2 at Point Yacht Club.

The next meeting of the Live Poets Society (LiPS) will take place on September 2 which is also the second day of Spring.

Special guest will be up and coming poet Jonathan Ballam, the son of John Ballam, who is a poet in his own right and a former convenor of LiPS. Jonathan will present a taste from his collection called Plain Doggerel and A Collection of Creative Excrement. The Guest Poet has the boon to decide the theme for the evening and he has come up with The Dirtiness of Life.

Join the LiPSomaniacs for what they promise will be a “phenomenal night of Poetic Bliss” and an evening of meaningful poetry which promises to be an inspiration to all comers. “So let’s gather, keep the conversation clean, while we hang out our Dirty Linen in Poetry,” reads the invitation.

The LiPS Meeting takes at 17h30 for 18h00 on September 2 at the Point Yacht Club, Victoria Embankment.