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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Two weeks of exclusive programming on BBC Knowledge reveal new perspectives on the war.

Seventy years since the start of World War II on 1 September 1939, BBC Knowledge (channel 251 on DSTV) presents two weeks of exclusive programming revealing new perspectives on the war and its impact from the people that experienced it firsthand.

Starting on August 24 at 20h30 and stripped across the two weeks, Hitler’s Bodyguard gives a closer insight into the life of the Fuhrer through one of his closest collaborators – his bodyguard. The series offers a rare opportunity to get a glimpse from the tyrant’s own perspective - his phobias, obsessions and weaknesses included. Hitler’s growing isolation is investigated, and a light is cast on the many failed attempts to overthrow his dictatorship.

Airing over five consecutive days from August 31 at 21h30, The Diary of Anne Frank re-creates the lives of the inhabitants in the secret annexe in Amsterdam and reveals the extraordinary pressures placed on them as they battle to survive. The series stars Ellie Kendrick, Iain Glen and Tamsin Grieg. Viewers can also catch the whole story as a feature-length one-off on September 6 at 20h30.

The Last Nazis (September 1 to 3 at 22h00) is a landmark documentary series about surviving Nazi war criminals living in the 21st century. The generation of Nazis that fought during World War II is almost gone - their lives, actions and crimes soon to be consigned to history forever. It's the last chance to tell these stories, to speak to these men; to enter their worlds; and uncover the impact their existence has had on others.

Further accounts of the Second World War airing over the fortnight include Secret Missions of the SAS (August 25 to 28 at 20h30) and World War II: Behind Closed Doors (August 31 at 22h00 and 23h00 and – September 4 at 20h30).