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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Slick cabaret with one delightful song following another in rapid succession. (Review by Maurice Kort)

Fresh from their appearance last weekend at The Witness Hilton Arts Festival, the very popular cabaret team of Anthony Stonier, Carol Trench and Evan Roberts gave Durban theatre lovers a chance to attend their popular soiree evenings at a private home in Durban. As professional as always, Let's Misbehave gives them an ideal opportunity to display their talents in a slick cabaret with one delightful song following another in rapid succession, all true to the theme of misbehaving, but in the nicest way. You can take your grandmothers to see the show, and indeed there were several in the audience tonight, loving the show as much as the rest of the audience.

There is minimal chatter linking the songs, nicely scripted and well executed, as entertaining as the sophisticated songs in this stylish revue. The opening number Let's Misbehave (who would have guessed) sets the tone of what is to follow, which it does with Let's Do It in which the names of one contemporary celebrity after another are mentioned with words that could not be bettered by Cole Porter, Stephen Sondheim or Tom Lehrer, whose songs are indeed also featured. You cannot beat these lyricists for sheer brilliance and entertainment, certainly my taste. Also featured are the songs from several stage musicals all apropos the theme of the evening and which are also very much my preference.

Highlights for me were I Never Do Anything Twice by Anthony Stonier, Vodka by Carol Trench and The Masochism Tango by them both as well as Whatever Happened to Class from Chicago. Although Evan Roberts accompanies them on the piano, he also contributes his vocal talents on occasion. Songs about mothers, a subject that would not generally be associated with misbehaving, as Anthony Stonier mentions in his introductory patter, are also cleverly included and are also a highlight of the soiree. These show stoppers are If Mama Was Married from Gypsy, When You're Good to Mama (also from Chicago) and Don't Tell Mama from Cabaret.

For details of future soirees contact producer Sue Clarence on 082 882 9869 or email: – Maurice Kort