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Sunday, September 6, 2009


Free lunch-hour concerts at Howard College Theatre presented by the UKZN Music department.

The UKZN Music department presents free lunch-hour concerts at Howard College Theatre during the semester. The September programme is as follows:

September 7: Violin Students. Several of Violeta Osorhean’s violin students will play compositions by, among others, Vivaldi, Sarasate, and Wieniawsky.

September 9: OSCA Opera Ensemble. The programme features Ariel Ramirez’s Misa Criolla, a vibrant work whose percussion rhythms capture the spirit of Argentina.

September 14: KZNPO Campus Concert. The KwaZulu-Natal Philharmonic Orchestra, featuring classical musicians from the UKZN School of Music and Yae Kyung Kim, the winner of the 2008 School of Music Festival (Classical Performers Competition). NB: Change of Venue: This concert takes place at OSCA, located in Jubilee Hall, Princess Alice Avenue.

September 16: African Music and Dance Students. Students from the African Music and Dance program will perform pieces that they performed at the recent ICTM Conference. Pieces will include gumboot dancing, ngoma, and a marimba and percussion group.

September 28: Durban Military Band. This performance will begin with drill work in the parking area at the front of Howard College, and will progress to the theatre for a selection of music from classical to jazz and pop.

September 30: Keira Witherkay. This acoustic instrumental fingerstyle world music guitarist and percussionist will be promoting her latest CD. She has developed a multi timbral style of playing that allows her to play bass line/chords/melody or solo and percussion on one instrument, simultaneously.

Concerts (other than the KZNPO Campus Concert) take place in the Howard College Theatre at 12h15 and entrance is free. More information on 031 260 3353.