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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Catch deeply gripping thriller of sacrifice, revenge and power of fate.

Catch Unforgiven in its three episodes on BBC Knowledge (DStv) on Wednesdays at 20h0 from September 16. This is a deeply gripping, character-driven thriller of sacrifice, revenge and the inexorable power of fate.

Released after 15 years behind bars for the murder of two policemen as a teenager, Ruth (Suranne Jones) is drawn irresistibly to the place that haunts her, to those who hate her, and to the one person she left behind.

Having spent half her life in jail, Ruth faces the challenge of rebuilding all that she has lost. But maintaining a job, friendships and a relationship becomes harder and harder as details of her past begin to emerge. As she tries to focus on her present, she cannot forget her past, and the sister she was forced to leave behind – a sister who has no conscious memory of her. Ruth’s future is further threatened by a chance encounter with someone she doesn’t know but who certainly knows her.

Can Ruth withstand the animosity from her peers, the hatred from her victims and the lack of trust from strangers in her attempts to get her life back on track? And will she ever get what is rightfully hers? As the ripples of the past gather momentum in the present, promises are broken, wounds reopened, and memories long buried begin to surface…

Also in the cast are Peter Davidson, Siobhan Finneran, Jemma Redgrave and Will Mellor.