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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


The Drama Department and The Theatre-St Anne’s College present annual event.

The Matric Drama Showcase is an exciting annual event on the production calendar of St Anne’s College. Its primary purpose is to showcase the best of the practical examination work that was presented for assessment to the IEB examiner at the end of last term. The programme consists of a selection of pieces from each of the six practical exam groups. Selections have been made to demonstrate the type of work required for the final practical examination, and to give the girls an opportunity to exhibit their work on a public platform.

The showcase will include selected monologues, scenes from plays, and group pieces that will entertain audiences with insightful and often satirical comment on the world around us. The showcase is always an exciting programme as it fuses together the best of the range of work prepared for the exam, and provides an opportunity for the matric girls to show their skills in performance, and the confidence generated in their three years of studying Dramatic Arts.

The Matric Drama Showcase takes place on October 21 at 15h30 at The Theatre - St Anne’s College at Hilton. There is no charge and all are welcome. Tea will be served on the front lawn from 15h00.