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Monday, October 5, 2009


(Pic: Studio installation view, 2009)

New work by Andrew Verster at KZNSA Gallery.

An exhibition of new work by Andrew Verster titled Poems for Angels opens at the KZNSA Gallery on October 6.

Andrew Verster writes about his angel constructions that: “Angels are messengers. They bring good news and bad. They are, for me, a metaphor for our dreams, ambitions and aspirations and for our belief in something beyond the material. My angels are made of the most commonplace of materials, cardboard and paper, most of it recycled from packaging. There are two life-size standing figures made of unpainted corrugated cardboard and a series of cardboard and paper wings, stridently coloured in a way the classic white mythical angels never dreamed of. Somewhere in their construction lurks the craft of origami.”

In addition, the artist has reconfigured his personal poetry into works of art. He writes that: “In 2006 I wrote a number of poems for reasons which I have now forgotten. I did the first on New Year’s Day and wrote another the next. By the end of a week it had become a daily habit. I continued through until the end of April, when I stopped. From these 120 poems I have selected 19, each of which I have rendered in ink, and illustrated.”

Poems for Angels runs at the KZNSA Gallery from October 6 to 25 at the KZNSA Gallery in Bulwer Road, Glenwood. More information on 031 277 1705 or email: or visit