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Sunday, October 4, 2009


Adams and Jacana Media launch Elana Bregin's latest novel.

On October 1, Adams Booksellers of Musgrave and Jacana Media launched Shiva’s Dance, Elana Bregin’s new novel.

Shiva's Dance is a book about the pain of secrets, about dysfunctional families and their damaging fallout, and the need to find some kind of spiritual perspective to help us make sense of our lives. “Say yes to the life you’ve been given. Say yes to the dance – the difficulty as well as the joy,
the tragedy and the triumph. Because that is what living is."

The book tells the story of 15-year-old Gerry Aarons, whose life goes into a skid when she finds out a devastating secret about the father she has never known. She and her mother are locked in a destructive battle of wills. And it is Adigar, the Buddhist monk from Sri Lanka, who helps Gerry understand her troubled life in a different light. Set in the cultural richness of Durban, the book probes many of the issues of our rudderless contemporary moment, skirting the pitfalls of suicide, sex and cyberspace, and drawing on the Buddhist and Hindu traditions in its quest for answers.