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Saturday, October 10, 2009


(Pic by Vera Platt: Jonothan Didlick, Grant Bell, John Didlick and Gary McKenzie)

By far the best constructed production the Gee-Jays have ever presented. (Review by Rosalie Howard)

The latest show at the Heritage Theatre in Hillcrest is Who’s Your Daddy?, created and performed by the ever-popular Gee-Jays who in recent times have grown from the original three (Gary McKenzie, Grant Bell and John Didlick) to four, now including John’s son, Jonothan Didlick – a gorgeous young man with a winning smile and a most appealing falsetto voice. He has certainly added pizzazz to the trio, bringing in a new dimension to the Gee-Jays’ productions.

Gary McKenzie, producer of Who’s Your Daddy? recommends that you take your open mind and your laughing tackle to this show because the pokes and prods at life in general are bound to have you in stitches.

The curtain lifts to a lively Beatles medley and it is clear from this moment that the Gee-Jays enjoy what they do best and have fun in the process! Moving into Sugar Sugar, Sherry, Wild Thing and a hilarious rendition of My Ol’ Man’s a Dutchman sung by Jonothan to his father and on to Da Doo Ron Ron sung by the multi-talented Dawn Selby with her compelling voice accompanied by Durban’s finest musicians and Heritage theatre regulars, Barry Thomson on guitar and vocals, Lloyd de Gier on bass and Mali Sewell on drums

The second half takes off with American Pie and covers many more of the favourites of the 60’s and 70’s including Bee-Gees, Neil Diamond, Elton John, Simon and Garfunkel, Billy Joel, Lenny Kravitz and ends with the Village People medley – YMCA, In the Navy, Gigolo and Macho Man.

John Didlick has the ability to tug at heart-strings in his romantic ballads, while Gary McKenzie is full of life and fun throughout the show. Grant Bell remains always suave and eloquent, sending up his Neil Diamond with verve. Then there’s young Jonothan, following in his father’s footsteps with an effervescent stage presence whose solos were cleverly selected to bring out the magic of his rich voice, given out with generous emotion.

I doubt there were many in the audience who didn’t have eyes brimming during John and Jonothan’s rendition of Bridge Over Troubled Waters – the kind of stuff that makes goosebumps!! It was an outstanding performance.

The Gee-Jays have a rare ability to interact with their audience and to involve them in the fun. Grant Bell must be congratulated for most of the quips which are interspersed between songs with clever input from Gary, John, and Jonothan. The show takes a zany look at life and the comic sketches you’ve come to expect from the Gee-Jays are cleverly inter-woven into the evening. Credit is also due to Fiona Barnes for synchronizing and subtly choreographing the moves of the cast, who are not dancers in the truest sense yet their well dove-tailed moves were very effective and created change and interest throughout the show.

It was great to escape for a few hours from the seriousness of our every day lives, settle down to an excellent meal and then be entertained by the Gee-Jays once again in this exuberant production which brought back the musical magic of the 60’s and 70’s.

By far the best constructed production the Gee-Jays have ever presented. Don’t miss this one!!

The Heritage Theatre, as regular patrons will know, presents nightly shows commencing with a two or three-course dinner which varies from week to week and as usual, this was outstanding, comprising choices from the starter menu of Leek and Cucumber Soup, infused with Mint and Dill, French Asparagus wrapped in Black Forest Ham with a Hollandaise sauce and from the main course, Braised Karoo Lamb Shanks, Portuguese Chicken, Oven baked Line Fish and a Vegetarian Pasta set upon a coulis of Rosemary and Chardonnay dew. All mains are accompanied by a medley of Mediterranean-style fresh veggies. Optional extras include selections from a wide variety of items on their Dessert menu and a Cheese Board. For those who are frequent visitors to Heritage Theatre, you will agree that the quality of their cuisine is in a superior class!

Who’s Your Daddy runs at Heritage Theatre in Hillcrest until November 14. Tickets R190pp from Wednesdays to Saturdays at 19h00 (R165pp Tuesdays at 19h00 and Sundays at 12h30). Bookings on-line at or at the theatre on 031 765 4197 and for group bookings on the same number and speak to Zelda. – Rosalie Howard