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Sunday, November 1, 2009


CLASSICFEEL magazine helps to break down cultural barriers

ClassicFeel Magazine has always been a strong supporter of inter-cultural dialogue and of efforts to break down the barriers to communication between peoples and cultures. In the November issue, the magazine covers a project that takes the idea of breaking down cultural barriers to a literal extreme. This month, the Goethe-Institut celebrates the 20th Anniversary of the fall of the ultimate symbol of division – the Berlin Wall.

ClassicFeel speaks to Dr Katherina von Ruckteschell-Katte, head of Goethe-Institut South Africa about Cracking Walls, a series of exhibitions and lectures that explores cultural divisions, while highlighting and applauding various ways in which they can be overcome. It is planned to culminate in the actual destruction of a part of the wall around the Goethe-Institut’s Johannesburg headquarters.

In keeping with this celebration of cultural exchange and openness, the November issue is diverse in content. The cover story previews the latest release by Welsh diva-to-be Katherine Jenkins. There is also an exploration on the role of political activism in South African dance, a report back on the Roots Festival– an event dedicated to celebrating Afrikaans culture and its links to the Dutch-speaking world, an examination of a new recording of Brahms’ symphonies and an article on one of South Africa’s most promising young jazz musicians, Kyle Shepherd.

As always, there are the finest offerings in gourmet food and wine, CD, DVD and book reviews and regular columns from around the country.

ClassicFeel is available for only R29.95 at Exclusive Books or CNA, and at selected music stores.