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Sunday, November 8, 2009


(Pic: Stoneware horses by Carol Hayward Fell)

Exhibition by Carol Hayward Fell currently running at Artisan Contemporary Gallery.

Horses Unleashed is the title of Carol Hayward Fell’s exhibition which is currently running at Durban’s Artisan Contemporary Gallery.

A well-known ceramicist and artist whose work appears in several private and public collections locally and abroad, Hayward Fell’s inspiration comes from her perception of the horse as “the most beautiful, noble and expressive of animals”.

“”I like to surprise the viewer with a familiar form seen in an entirely new and whimsical way”, she says. To this end, Hayward Fell sometimes exaggerates the arch of a long neck and curvy rump. Or she might play with many variations of a mane or introduce a crazy high tail to create animation and movement. Carol will show ceramics and oil paintings on this, her first solo exhibition.

Horses Unleashed runs until December 5. Artisan Contemporary Gallery is situated at 344 Florida Road. More information on 031 312 4364.