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Thursday, December 3, 2009


(Pic: Megan de Beyer with the twins Samantha and Melissa Wood)

Fundraising concert to be a tribute to Megan de Beyer.

Megan de Beyer, the grande dame of Ballet and Spanish Dancing in Pietermaritzburg for over 50 years died over the last weekend.

In paying tribute to her friend and co-organiser of the popular Sunset Soirees in Pietermaritzburg, Ronel Wood estimates that Megan de Beyer must have taught just about every mother and child in PMB during her many years as Ballet Teacher in the Midlands.

“She was a perfectionist in her discipline, and instructed and inspired more people than any other ballet teacher in our town's history,” Ronel Wood states. “She had an aura about her that demanded immediate respect, and with that, a kindness and generosity that almost contradicted her austere attitude. Megan is a legend - and will live forever in the memory of many a dancer.”

One of Megan de Beyer’s pupils, Shayne, came to her at the age of five to take ballet lessons. A generation later Shayne Wood, as she is now, has identical tins - Melissa and Samantha. They are Champion Irish Dancers who are in the process of raising funds for their pending participation in the All Irish World Championships in Killarney, Ireland.

A fundraising song-and-dance extravaganza titled All The Way To Killarney planned for December 5 was one of the last projects that Megan de Beyer was involved with and this concert will now be presented as a tribute to her.

Featuring the popular Pig and Whistle, the concert will take place on December 5 at Cordwalles Theatre in Pietermaritzburg.