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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Sandman Productions presents Karma Komedian at the Suncoast Zone. (Review by Shika Budhoo)

Starring Sans Moonsamy, the one-man show titled Karma Komedian at Suncoast Zone features a host of lively characters.

I must mention that every time I’ve visited the Suncoast Zone, the layout is different each time and the floor plan is more refreshing and accommodating. With better seating, a fully operational air-conditioner, and nice stage placement, the show’s viewing has been put together for optimal live-show viewing.

Karma Komedian, a play on the famous hit song Karma Chameleon as well as the Hindu meaning of Karma i.e. to pay for one’s wrong-doing; brings on board a host of different images and levels of humour that appeal to all types of Indian theatre goers, the shape-shifters as well as the sinful. Sans Moonsamy drew on some of his well-known characters from his previous shows, introduced new refreshing ones, and presented them with great skill and his usual high-energy delivery.

As the main character, himself, Sans Moonsamy showed an Indian man running for the South African presidency and what ensued was the usual quick-witted and fast paced situations of complete hilarity in the outrageous Sans-Moonsamy-fashion we’ve come to love and expect.

His other characters included the rough and cut Vishnu Moodley from Unit 2, a news reader, a weatherman, as sports commentator, two Bollywood puppets, an old roti-making aunty Romilla and our country’s very own JZ (Jacob Zuma, of course!). In between the presidential election kick-off campaign, this array of colourful characters poke, joked, sang and danced, keeping the audience laughing and satisfied. In a very stand-up style delivery, Sans Moonsamy presented his election candidate which differed greatly to the split-costumed Bollywood dance behind a set palm tree; these two give the perfect example of the versatility evident in Moonsamy’s work.

Karma Komedian will keep you laughing, surprised and wanting more from this zany person, Moonsamy; who brings the stage to life. Make sure you book your ticket to go and watch Karma Komedian at the Suncoast Zone this December. - Shika Budhoo