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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Royal Salsa Nights on Saturdays to get patrons into Cuban-style party mode.

Visitors to the Zulu Jazz Lounge in the Playhouse may be unaware that above their heads is situated an elegant high-ceilinged Tudor-styled room which was part of one of the two original buildings that became joined as the Playhouse theatre complex. This architecture can be seen in the Playhouse’s Grand Foyer, the Opera foyer and the Opera auditorium itself with its star-studded “sky”.

Now known as King Club, this upstairs dining venue has had a chequered career from the days when it was first opened as a Legends restaurant then becoming L’Artiste and later a Piatto restaurant.

Owner is businessman and entertainment enthusiast Athos Euripidou who is also a previous owner of the re-opened Society venue and Zulu Jazz Lounge. He aims to offer an exclusive premium events venue in the heart of the city to attract corporates back to the area and help with the Point Development.

Royal Salsa Nights take place on Saturdays to get patrons into Cuban-style party mode.