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Monday, December 21, 2009


Lotto players contribute R1,3 billion to NGO’s across South Africa.

A R1,3 billion cash injection from the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund (NLDTF) to Charities, Arts and Sports NGO’s across South Africa since April 2009 will certainly help ease the burden on cash-strapped NGO’s in the current financial crisis.

The payment to NLDTF beneficiaries from April 1 to December 18 2009 can be broken down as follows: Arts, Culture & National Heritage R240m with Charities and Sport & Recreation receiving R781m and R300m respectively.

In the period December 1 to 18 2009 alone, R462 million was paid out to 55 arts NGO’s, 355 charities NGO’s and 110 sports NGO’s.

Through the participation of South African’s in the National Lottery, thousands of NGO’s benefit from NLDTF funding and can continue to care and provide for the more vulnerable in South Africa. Since inception of the National Lottery in March 2000, more than 11,000 NGO’s have been allocated more than R8 billion from the proceeds of the National Lottery.