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Wednesday, December 23, 2009


MNet Action to screen movie with Arnold Schwartzenegger and Linda Hamilton.

MNet Action is to screen the movie The Terminator on December 30 at 20h00. Directed by James Cameron in 1984, the movie stars Arnold Schwartzenegger and Linda Hamilton.

The year is 1984. Lighting emanates above a garbage truck, knocking out power. The driver sees an object ahead of him and flees as the electrical surge dissipates. The object is a man, naked and muscular and he stands up and starts walking toward the city where he is spotted by three young punks. The man orders the men to give him their clothes, and the punks produce knives in response. The giant swats two punks aside, the third stabs him, but the giant tears open the punk's body and kills him, for the giant is a cyborg, a machine-being within the outer body of a human. The cyborg is from the year 2029, where artificial intelligence has launched nuclear annihilation and humans fight to survive extermination led by a courageous man known as John Connor. The machines have discovered the secret of time travel and have sent this cyborg, known as a Terminator, back in time to stop the birth of John Connor.