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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


SA struggle photographer and founder member of Afrapix Photo-Agency to present exhibition at The Luthuli Museum.

South African struggle photographer and founder member of the independent Afrapix Photo-Agency, Cedric Nunn will be at the Luthuli Museum on February 5, 2010, to open his exhibition entitled In Camera.

Nunn’s work has been commissioned by the Apartheid Archive Study Project and is a contemporary look at the country - 15 years after the birth of South Africa’s new democracy. It aims to capture the gap that still exists between rich and poor, black and white. It also attempts to document the re-engineering that has taken place in this once-divided state. The photographs must be seen in the context of South Africa’s exposure to the world economy and, on a deeper level, it begs the question what has the change really meant for those at the lower end of the economy and for the wealthy.

“The hosting of this kind of exhibition at the Luthuli Museum is an attempt to place this national institution on the map and to reflect the broad principles of Chief Albert Luthuli namely those of democracy and human rights. It is also an endeavour to link the Luthuli Museum to an ongoing debate in our society around issues of repression, access to resources and poverty,” said Luthuli Museum director Rooksana Omar.

Nunn will give a short presentation of his more than 50 photographs that reflect images from all over the province of KwaZulu-Natal. From the rolling sugar fields of the North Coast, to the first-world beach front of Umhlanga, the exhibition features Nunn at his best.

He will be joined on the platform by his former colleague and photo-journalism lecturer from the Durban University of Technology, Deseni Soobben, who worked with Nunn during the early 1980’s. She will address those present about the importance of photography as a means of social commentary.

The exhibition officially opens at 10h00 on February 5 and runs until the end of March. The Luthuli Museum is at 3233 Nokhukhanya Luthuli Street, Groutville, near Stanger. For further information contact Marketing Manager Heidi Gibson or Community Liaison Officer Zinhle Nyembe on 032 559 6822.