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Saturday, January 16, 2010


Great potential for further longer runs. (Review by Shika Budhoo)

The second show to take the stage at the 5th Musho! Festival was the one-man show, Senzo Mthethwa, directed by Kamseela Naidoo and performed by Senzo Mthethwa himself. I promise you will not meet many men with a story like Senzo’s. The show premiered at the Musho festival and with minor tightening, I see it having great potential for further longer runs. It is not often you see a person not of Indian descent with such a grand knowledge of Indian culture and with the understanding of the subtleties of South African Indian life. It is truly a unique story that has its moments of drama and comedy. Essentially a comedy genre play, it explores his life growing up in an Indian household and how he dealt with the hilarious situations and consequences that often popped up due to his conflicted cultural identity.

A talented performer in characterization; Senzo, achieves to portray a wide range of characters that come from all sides of the race-spectrum. He plays old Indian and African aunties, old Indian and African uncles, children and teenagers from all races and economic backgrounds as well as some typical characters you expect to see walking down any Durban street. He knows the Tamil language well, and I must say that the majority of Tamil people I know do not. It was refreshing to see the language spoken and sung with such authority and proficiency.

In search for a unique identity Senzo reveals the struggles, smiles and often confusion that he went through growing up. A truly gifted performer with a distinctive South African story! First standing ovation of the festival, well done Senzo! – Shika Budhoo

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