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Saturday, February 13, 2010


Old Mutual Music at the Lake celebrates Valentine’s Day at Durban Botanic Gardens.

The Old Mutual Music at the Lake Concert series in the Durban Botanic Gardens will kick-off with a Valentine’s performance by Just Jinjer on February 14. The line up for the evening will include tracks from Milk & Honies, their latest eight-track EP album. This new album is likely to spawn a whole new fan base.

Just Jinjer’s musical talent has advanced during their years in the States where they are now based and in just over a decade they have sold over 250,000 albums. Formerly known as Just Jinger, they changed their name in 2006 to avoid having the second word mispronounced. The band has toured with U2, Counting Crows, Live, Goo Goo Dolls, and many more well-known artists. When asked why Just Jinjer’s songs and music continues to gather a growing fanbase, Matthews says, “It’s relevant. We are saying things that people can listen to 20 years from now and it will still mean the same thing.”

Matthews (vocals/guitar), Harris (drums/vocals) and Harding (base/vocals) all began playing a musical instrument at a young age and today these well-honed skills make Just Jinjer’s music alluring and appealing - music that touches the heart, body, mind and soul.

Opening this Valentine Concert at 18h30 will be Farryl Purkiss will be another of Durban’s talented musicians who is currently based in Cape Town and who continues to rise in popularity as his musical talent grows.

The concert starts at 18h30 and gates will open at 16h30 to allow Durban fans the opportunity to bring a picnic to enjoy before the music starts. Tickets R100 (R20 for children 6 years to 12 years) from the gate.

Secure parking is available on the Juventus ground off lower St Thomas Road, adjacent to the Botanic Gardens and the Munies Hockey Field off lower Sydenham Road.

For more information about this and other concerts in the Durban Botanic Gardens, contact the Info Centre the Friends Office weekdays on 031 202 5819 or visit