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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


(Pic: Laurie Glenny’s "Journey", mixed media on canvas)

Exhibition of mixed media works by Laurie Glenny at artSPACEdurban.

En-route is a mixed-media collection of urban and suburban imagery reflecting an intuitively inspired journey into the re-authoring of the artist’s past. After nine years of running a successful but incredibly demanding creative design studio, Glenny has returned with passion to re-awaken and explore her call to paint – a calling which fuelled and motivated her Diploma in Fine Art 15 years ago,

Gone is any decorative, ornamental element to Glenny’s work and she intimates that she feels more focused than ever before, with the creative inspiration that fuels her passion often threatening to overwhelm her were she not yielding daily to the call to pick up a paintbrush and paint!

Glenny’s paintings are honest reflections of the voices she ‘hears’ and the images she ‘sees’, and these find expression as she seeks to reframe the memories of her past, taking her initial cue from familiar scenes of the area in which she grew up. Colours are rich, and the build-up of glazes create a strong depth and intensity that contrast powerfully with the consistent use of light in her work, with collaged elements playing an integral part of the final outcome and adding a multi-layered level of interest, interpretation and present-day significance.

For Glenny, the intuitive process has largely been responsible for the direction of her paintings, and it is this process that has given her more thrill and adventure than anything she has embarked upon in recent years.

En-route runs from July 12 to 31 at artSPACE durban which is situated at 3 Millar Road (off Umgeni Road) close to the Waste Centre. More information on 031 312 0793 or visit or