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Monday, July 12, 2010


Live Poets Society to meet on July 14.

South Africa welcomes the world to share in its unique cultural diversity, in its unique Fauna and Flora, and to witness its wide natural habitat teeming with wild life. Thousand of world tourists from around the Globe made their way to the sound of the Vuvuzela’s blowing up a storm.

Now that the soccer madness is subsiding, and amidst the euphoria for the victor and tears for the losers there is sanctuary to be found amongst the people of this land, those that speak a mystical language, ancient as this land itself … the language of Poetry.

“By Crafting words, so we create like the nimble and supple fingers of the potter creates wonders from clay, the poet using words creates stories, and messages. Like this land of ours with all its intrinsic beauty, a land blessed with sun and rain, that never sleeps, never rests. The beauty and the words in the Poetry like the words in the song once heard will never be forgotten, like the memories and the beauty of this our land.”

These words will be spoken by Sarita Mathur, guest poet for the month of July 2010 at the next Live Poets Society gathering on July 14.

An artist and poet who loves people and nature, Sarita Mathur was born and brought up in India. Currently residing in Durban, she has a background in English Honours and has taught Energy Healing and Emotional Intelligence for ten years. She conducted workshops based on the theme The Caterpillar has become a butterfly. She has lived in Lagos, Nigeria and was a member of a Book Club which was based on African and Caribbean Literature. She was a semi-finalist in the SABC2’s Lentswe Poetry Project and has written 33 poems on Love, Life and Relationships. She is married and has two sons, Arjun and Kartik.

The Live Poets Society function will take place on July 14 at the Point Yacht Club, Victoria Embankment Durban at 17h30 for 18h00. Admission is free.