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Monday, September 27, 2010


If this is revived at a theatre near you, don’t hesitate to see it! (Review by Caroline Smart)

I missed seeing Duet for One when it ran in Durban but was able to catch it at the Witness Hilton Arts Festival.

When setting out my comments on the production, I turned to Maurice Kort’s review for artSMart ( and realised that he has said it all already.

This KickstArt production is one of the finest to come from this multi-award winning theatre company – again impeccably directed by Steven Stead and skilfully designed by Greg King to fit the situation. At Hilton, the curtains remained open as the audience came in so we were able to take full cognisance of the set as a whole as well as the finer details. I particularly liked the pre-set lighting which emphasised the luxurious throws and cushions.

As Maurice Kort said, the performances were superb. Clare Mortimer’s abrasive character of Stephanie is full of well-controlled flippancy, her jibes and insults hiding her inner turmoil. She is beautifully offset by Michael Richard’s excellent interpretation of the acutely pedantic and fussy Dr Alfred Feldmann. What a joy it must have been for them to be able to perform such a great script. Tom Kempinski handles what could be a depressing subject in a forthright way and infuses the play with muscled banter and much humour, while providing a strong dramatic sequence when Feldmann finally loses his cool.

Should this production be revived at a theatre near you, don’t hesitate to see it. – Caroline Smart