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Monday, October 25, 2010

frequency, lumens, place

An installation by Dean Henning and Vaughn Sadie titled frequency, lumens, place will open at the Durban Art Gallery on October 28 to run for a month.

“'Our perception of space depends as much on what we hear as on what we see”. (Max Neuhaus)

This collaborative sound (Dean Henning) and light (Vaughn Sadie) installation aims to create a space using artificial light and sound generated in the gallery that relies on interaction with the audience. The initial sound and quantity light are determined by mathematical formulas based on the volume (length x breadth x height = cubic metres) and floor space ((length x breadth = square metres) respectively. The installation consists of several components: circuit bending, pulse generators, and light objects.

It is through these components, and the intervention of the audience, that allows the space to be in constant flux. The initial state of the space changes and responds to the movement of the audience members who continually alter the composition of the room.

frequency, lumens, place opens on October 28 at 18h00 and will be on view until November 28. The Durban Art Gallery is situated on the 2nd Floor City Hall, Anton Lembede Street (former Smith St) – opposite the Playhouse.