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Thursday, October 14, 2010


(Pic: Graffiti artists Justin Govender, Kevin Ngwenya, Tyron Roy taken on the Graffiti Photo Safari at the Sydney Road "Free Wall" freshly painted in June 2010)

Bean Bag Bohemia has announced its new season of "creative activism" entitled Guerilla Garden.

The season starts off with a collaborative exhibition which pays homage to Durban's vibrant Graffiti culture. The exhibition showcases paintings by four emerging painters, all students at the Centre of Fine Art Animation and Design in collaboration with students from the Durban University of Technology’s School of Photography.

“The show combines graffiti painting with fine art photographic documentation to create an instillation that explores the often mystified codes of Graffiti art,” says Bean Bag Bohemia art curator Tamlyn Martin. “We celebrate our d-urban rejuvenation guerillas for taking lost neglected city spaces and planting their powerful statements of resistance, rejuvenation and public ownership.

“As part of the Season, we will be hosting four graffiti workshops teaching the techniques of graffiti painting,” Tamlyn Martin continues. “We are also planning a park rejuvenation project which will bring a neglected urban park back to life using sustainable veg gardening and heaps of community love.”

More information from Tamlyn Martin on 031 201 1743. Bean Bag Bohemia is situated in Florida Road where Florida and Windermere Roads meet the large roundabout next to Greyville Racecourse.