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Monday, October 4, 2010


(Pic: Danny Fisher)

Danny Fisher gives superb impressions of many famous stars alongside his two daughters. (Review by Maurice Kort)

The Stirling Theatre at the Italian Club, along Fairway, Durban North, presents another great show, thoroughly enjoyed by the near capacity opening night audience. The entertainers are the comedian and singer Danny Fisher and his Angels. However he is more than just a singer, but gives superb impressions of many famous stars, and even of the comedians Benny Hill and Ozzie Osborne, which were spot on.

Stars in Your Eyes opens with a medley of Phil Collins hits, moving on to a very credible Tom Jones and Just Help Yourself, amongst others. With the assistance of many wigs and costume changes, Danny Fisher continues to impersonate one famous singer after another, one starts to wonder if he will run out of great artists. Giving him a chance to change outfits offstage, the show continues with his two blonde Angels, and they are his Angels in more ways than one as they are his daughters, Joanne and Danielle. They make the most of several Abba songs during their fist appearance and a great cover of Baby Love as the Supremes, in suitable black wigs. Making it a complete family affair Danny Fisher introduced his wife who was sitting at the back of the theatre before a very touching rendition of Flower of Scotland. He is a proud Scot, after all.

Amongst the artists that Danny Fisher impersonates are Rod Stewart, Roy Orbison (Pretty Woman, Only the Lonely), Johnny Cash (Ring of Fire), Nat King Cole (Unforgettable), Neil Diamond (Sweet Caroline), Neil Sadaka (Sweet Sixteen), The Shadows (There Will Never Be Another You, Breaking Up is Hard to Do) and a convincing Meatloaf, backed by his Angels. By his own admission, Danny Fisher prefers to feature songs where the audience can declare "I know that song" and this adds to the enjoyment of the evening.

Very novel was his take of The Balad of Blockies Joubert, as performed by David Kramer, and To All the Girls We've Loved Before by Willie Nelson and Julio Iglesias - as a duet - and even by Nelson Mandela. Also delightful was the rendition of the Frank and Nancy Sinatra hit Something Stupid for which he was joined by Joanne Fisher.

When one first sees, Danny Fisher one cannot foresee his rubber lips and rubber legs put to such good effect in his impersonations, particularly Mick Jagger (Cain't Get No Satisfaction) and, of course, Elvis Presley who would be an obvious choice for a show such as this and several of his hits are featured. Expect to be enthralled by Jailhouse Rock, I Just Can't Help Believing, Johnny B Goode, Suspicious Mind and I Can't Help Falling in Love with You, amongst others.

There were very minor sound and lighting glitches on the opening night but no doubt these will be smartly resolved. Another quibble was that the main outfits worn by the cast were black and these tended to blend in with the black curtains of the set. Unfortunately, this is the decor of the newly established Stirling Theatre. However, in other respects the Italian Club has been very well adapted to this supper theatre venue.

Patrons are encouraged to bring their own picnic/snacks although a limited snack menu is available of pizza slices and Italian bread rolls filled with combinations of Parma or Mortadella ham, salami and Mozzarella cheese, with Beef Lasagna also on the menu. There is a cash bar (but no credit card facilities).

Stars in Your Eyes runs until October 17 on Fridays and Saturdays at 20h00) and on Sundays at 19h00. To book, e-mail or call Marion Loudon on 076 786 1127. For more information visit – Maurice Kort