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Saturday, November 6, 2010


The crime drama Don’t Say A Word can be seen on M-Net Stars on DSTv Channel 105 on November 17 at 19h30.

This story takes place in 1991, when a gang of thieves steal a rare $10 million gem. However, in the process, two of the gang doublecross Patrick, their leader, and take off with the precious stone.

Ten years later, it’s the day before Thanksgiving. Dr. Nathan R. Conrad, a prominent private practice Manhattan child psychiatrist, is invited by his friend and former colleague, Dr. Louis Sachs, to examine a disturbed young lady named Elisabeth, at the state sanatorium. Patrick, the thief, having been released from prison on November 4, together with the remaining gang, break into an apartment which overviews Dr Conrad’s family apartment and kidnaps Dr Conrad’s daughter Jessie. This is done as a means of forcing Conrad to acquire a six-digit number from his patient Elisabeth’s memory.

Directed by Gary Fleder, Don’t Say A Word stars Michael Douglas and Sean Bean (2001).