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Sunday, November 21, 2010


The launch of a touching memoir about an astonishing life.

Ever supportive, Adams Bookshop has agreed to do a display and a book launch/tea/storytelling performance on November 27, featuring Nomusa Xaba, an African American artist, storyteller and activist, the author of It's Been a Long Time Coming.

Mama Nomusa is a multi-talented, multi-disciplined artist and a teacher by profession, she has spent many years teaching in the US, Canada and East Africa. Simultaneously, she raised her five children while performing as a poet and percussionist with her then-exiled South African husband, pianist Ndikho Xaba. In 2000, her many years of teaching and performing experience propelled her to seamlessly wed all of these experiences and leave the classroom in order to become an educational consultant and storyteller. She has shared her storytelling prowess with thousands of students in the US, India and now South Africa.

She will be doing a story- telling performance combined with a book launch about It's Been a Long Time Coming, her tenderly-written, hugely-personal reflection on the incredible life and personal journey.

Nomusa Xaba (known affectionately as Mama Nomusa) took literally decades to complete what was originally planned as a book of poetry. She has written a charming collection – part memoir, part journal – chronicling her life as a veteran of both the civil rights movement in American and the international anti-Apartheid struggle. Her memories are interspersed with poetry, photographs and song lyrics. Its unique style makes it an easy read, a flight book or a holiday read.

Nomusa Xaba’s It's Been a Long Time Coming takes place at Adams Bookshop in Musgrave Centre on November 27 at 11h00. For more information email: