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Monday, November 22, 2010


M-Net Stars on DSTv Channel 105 will be showing Shine on November 22 at 19h30.

This is a true story about an Australian pianist, David Helfgott – it is a delightful movie, charting his early, traumatic years in flashback. We see him as he grows up into a child prodigy while his father abuses him and his siblings. With the memory of his childhood in Europe and the loss of his family in the concentration camps, David finally breaks away from his father and goes overseas to study.He later suffers a breakdown and returns to Australia and a life in an institution. Many years later he is released and through several twists of fate (in reality even more unlikely than film portrays) he starts playing a piano in a bar before finally returning to the concert hall.

Directed by Scott Hicks in1996, the film stars Armin Mueller-Stahl and Geoffrey Rush.