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Friday, December 24, 2010


The Graphic Club of South Africa announces its re-launch as a web based art dealership, making quality silkscreen prints by well known artists available at affordable prices.

The Graphic Club founded by Fred Schimmel in 1970, with the aim of making good quality art, by well known artists, available to younger buyers at affordable prices. Fred worked with artists such as Cecil Skotnes, Walter Battiss, Lucky Sibiya and many others, to make silkscreen works that were available to members as part of their subscription.

During the 70’s, the Graphic Club produced many of these silkscreens, and achieved its aim of spreading quality South African art into the homes of the ordinary person.

The Graphic Club is now relaunched, in its 21st century online form, with the same aims: to make the original silkscreen prints available to people who may not be able to afford original art works by the well known and established names behind the original Graphic Club. Fred Schimmel’s daughter, Gail, has partnered with Art Vault in this endeavour, and remains committed to the values and quality honoured by the original Club.

The Graphic Club can be found at For more information contact Gail on 082 330 3726, or